Tips for Choosing a Commercial Awning

Tips for Choosing a Commercial Awning

While it may not seem like that large of an investment, incorporating a commercial awning into your business has significant benefits. First impressions mean everything. When potential customers walk by, the first thing that see is the name of your company, your company logo and hours, and of course, your commercial awning. Depending on your customization choices, your establishment could become more marketable and boost your profits. Why? People typically like to spend their time and money in places where not only are the services and products of high quality but where the architecture has visual appeal. They want to feel cozy and at home. A commercial awning adds a statement to your company that says “Welcome come on in,” but there are other practical considerations to make outside of just aesthetics. Keep reading for some vital tips on how to choose a commercial awning.

Think About the Weather In Your Region

When customizing an awning, you may first think about the color, material, and fabric. However, you need to think about the position of your building and its relation to shade, and the weather that’s typical for your region. If your regional climate is typically warm, then the awning fabric that you could use is acrylic. Acrylic holds up well to UV rays.

Also, an awning color that you could also consider is yellow with if you live in a perpetually sunny area. The psychology behind the color yellow states that it represents optimism, joy, and positivity. Another consideration for picking a color is cleaning maintenance. Some colors are easier to clean and maintain than others so be mindful.

Research your State Laws and Regulations

Your state could potentially have laws against what kinds of commercial awnings you can install. They may limit your color, fabric, and style choice. Home-Owner Associations (HOA’s) can potentially do the same when it comes to residential awnings. Just be aware.

Understand Your Brand

Every business wants success but what may work for one company may not work for another. Understanding your company culture can help your awning customization make sense. What does this mean? While the color yellow may express positivity, it may not work for your commercial awning because the culture of your business may be more traditional. Sometimes simple is best and less is more.

Bottom Line

Pick a commercial awning that is durable, low-maintenance, and will stand out in a way that showcases what your business is all about.

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