Three Questions to Ask When Choosing An Awning for Your Restaurant

Three Questions to Ask When Choosing An Awning for Your Restaurant

Restaurants are a staple within any given community. Restaurants are a place where people can enjoy excellent food, bond, and feel at home. One way to market your restaurant and help with identification is to add an awning. While adding one to your restaurant seems like a simple upgrade, it can indeed help your curb appeal. But what are essential features to consider when choosing an awning? Keep reading to find out what three questions you should ask yourself when making this significant decision.

What Style Will Your Awning Be?

Awnings come in many different variations and are easy to attach to a building. For example, choices include a fixed or retractable awning, one that is freestanding, or attached pergolas. A primary consideration to make is the culture and building style of your restaurant. Location matters as well. For example, if your building has beautiful and warm countryside aesthetics and its location is in Dallas then maybe it would be best to choose an awning color that’s vibrant and inviting. Remember to select an awning fabric that can hold up to the sun’s UV rays.

It is also important that your awning covers windows and doors especially if your restaurant has an outdoor seating area. This excellent addition will be the first thing that a customer will see when deciding if they want to have breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner at your establishment.

Did you know that canopies are an excellent option for restaurants as well? They can cool an area down and provide shade directly where you want it. A canopy has the possibility of being portable.

What Size Will Your Awning Be?

While the sun’s light rays are a beautiful part of nature, the glare they can cause be problematic. You could use a canopy to shade an entire outdoor seating area or maybe use an awning to shade your windows and doors. If either option fits your needs, then working with a professional is recommended.  This will ensure that the size and shape of your canopy adequately cover your desired location.

What Awning Material Is Best For You?

Restaurants have the option of not just utilizing canopies, but patio covers as well. There are a multitude of awning materials include canvas, synthetic fabrics (such as vinyl), and/or metal. When deciding your look, it is also important to keep in mind the type of material.  To help make your decision, it is best to research the maintenance of specific awning fabrics, and metals, as well as UV protection.

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