Awning Fabric

Awning fabric is generally standard within the industry, meaning that most every awning company offers the same fabrics and does not hold a proprietary line.

While each has their pros and cons, they are all equally great fabrics and will withstand the harshest of climates. All fabric types have good abrasion resistance and will generally last between five to 15 years, depending on quality of fabric, exposure and proper fabric care.


Vinyl fabrics can be broken down into two main manufacturing processes; laminated and coated goods. Laminated Vinyl Fabrics are considered the standard go to fabrics industry wide. With their proven performance, laminated vinyls are strong, waterproof and durable enough for medium to large size awning projects. In general, laminated vinyls are warrantied for five years. Coated vinyl fabrics are considered to be of higher quality and the most durable of the vinyl fabrics. Like laminated vinyls, coated goods are also very strong, waterproof, stain resistant and extremely durable which makes them suitable for any size project. Most laminated vinyls are warrantied for eight or more years. Below are some examples of vinyl fabrics:

Back-lit Vinyl Fabrics

These vinyl fabrics are ideal for and back-lit applications printing graphics, meaning that signage on your awning will be displayed day and night. The translucent quality of back-lit vinyl fabrics allows lighting placed inside the frame or behind the fabric to transmit through the signage area, without being impeded by shadows from the framework. Like other vinyl fabrics are strong, waterproof and stain resistant.

5 Year Warranty 8 Year Warranty 10 Year Warranty
CoolGlo™/Northstar® Nite-Lite®



Cooley-Brite Lite®


Acrylic fabric is generally considered to be an upscale material. Acrylic fabric offers an aesthetic softness and feel all its own. Higher quality acrylics are very resistant to UV light, mildew and water. The properties of acrylic fabric allow it to be highly breathable, so hot air and moisture will not be trapped. In solution dyeing (Higher Quality), color pigments are added to the acrylic fibers while the fibers are in a semi-liquid state. As a result, the color becomes an integral part of the fiber, and unlike piece-dyed acrylic, won’t wash out. Solution-dyed acrylic fabric is translucent (depending on the color), typically weighs 8 to 10 ounces, can experience some shrinkage in cold weather, some stretch in hot weather and is extremely water resistant (not fully waterproof). Standard warranties are ten years. Below are some examples of acrylic fabrics:


Polyester based fabrics or Vinyl-laminated Polyesters are strong, quick-drying, and tend to have wrinkle resistance and crease retention both wet and dry. Some vinyl-laminated polyesters, fabricated specifically for backlighting, are highly translucent. Fabrics meant for standard uses are more translucent depending on their color (Lighter colors are more translucent then darker colors). Vinyl-laminated Polyester fabrics weigh between 16-24 ounces, are resistant to UV light, mildew, water, and are recommended for use in areas of sustained high humidity. Polyester based fabrics are available in solids, stripes and custom patterns. Standard warranties range from five to ten years.

5 Year Warranty 8 Year Warranty 10 Year Warranty
Sunbrella® Firesist

Shade Mesh and Other Mesh

Shade mesh and other mesh fabrics are versatile and dependable. These fabrics are typically used for screens and shade sails. Quality mesh fabrics are UV, mildew and water resistant. Mesh fabrics are ideal for various sun protection applications.

5 Year Warranty 10 Year Warranty 15 Year Warranty
Soltis® 86

Soltis® 92


Phifertex® Plus

Commercial 95® 340

Commercial FR 300




Architec 400®


Cotton, or commonly referred to as cotton duck, is a heavy plain woven fabric. Although not commonly used nationally for awnings today, cotton duck is extremely durable and excellent in cold weather climates on smaller scale projects. Cotton duck is strong and flexible with unique self-contouring characteristics. It is water and mildew repellent. Standard warranties range from three to five years.