3 Tips for Choosing A Patio Umbrella

3 Tips for Choosing A Patio Umbrella

Spring has sprung and chances are you’re planning to spend a lot more time outdoors. If you want some shade on your patio, you might want to consider an umbrella. Umbrellas not only add shade to a patio but they help add style and polish. To make the right purchase, you’ll have to think about the fabric, frame, and base of the umbrella. Keep reading for valuable tips that will help you purchase the best patio umbrella.

Table Umbrellas are Best for Sturdy Patio Surfaces

Table umbrellas combine a patio table that has a hole in the center with a sturdily placed umbrella in the center of it. You can buy table umbrellas by themselves, or they may already come with the patio table. The two should complement each other as far as design and support. You want to make sure that you are content with your purchase because it’s not easy to remove a table umbrella. To stop the umbrella or patio table from wobbling, you want to make sure that the surface is level, even, and stable. A patio table incorporated with an umbrella is ideal for large, open patio spaces along or perfect poolside.

Freestanding Umbrellas Are An Option for Mobile Shade

Freestanding umbrellas are not attached to a patio table. They are mobile and can stand alone, providing shade all over the yard. You can move them wherever you or your guests decide to sit. You can even set them in the grass.It’s your choice! Incorporating a freestanding umbrella into your deck or patio space is a flexible, easy option. It’s easy to maintain these umbrellas because you screw them in to keep them in place the same way that you might set up a Christmas tree. If you don’t want to move your umbrella around, you can screw it into the base of a floor or wall.

Your Umbrella Should Have Enough Coverage

You want to look for an umbrella that’s wider than your table. Otherwise, you won’t have adequate protection from the sun. You never want to purchase an umbrella that’s eye level.

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