Awning Braid

Awnings can be finished at the edge in a number of different ways. Depending on the look and feel desired, one or a combination of the finishes below can be selected.

Traditional Shed Awning, Delray Beach, with BraidAwning braid

(green edging) is typically used in the finishing process of a scalloped edge. Braid is available in many different weaves and colors to fit any scheme desired. Below are a few styles that are widely used throughout the awning industry. Click on the image for a more detailed view.

Acrylic Awning Braid

Acrylic Awning Braid – Click here for more options

Bullnose Awning, West Palm Beach, with Trim


(white fabric) is usually a color that is in contrast to the cover and takes the shape of the scalloped edge at the bottom of the fabric. It can be a finished edge as shown or used in conjunction with braid.

Traditional Shed Awning, Palm Beach, with Raised Trim

Raised trim

(black fabric) is also usually a contrasting color which takes the shape of the scalloped edge at the bottom of the fabric, only difference is that the trim is raised off the bottom a predetermined amount. A raised trim valance can also be finished by hemming the base fabric or applying braid, like shown in the picture.

Traditional Shed Awning, Palm Beach, with Wrap

Wrap edge

is another common method of finishing an awning cover. This design is much sleeker and can provide a clean edge look. A wrapped finish is most commonly used to mimic the hard lines of a building and is an excellent choice if the area is susceptible to high winds.

Although custom scallop designs are possible, many companies have pre-made templates which are used to trace the selected pattern on the fabric. Typically, a customer choses a single design which is used throughout the awning.