A Guide To Metal Shade Structures

A Guide To Metal Shade Structures

If you are looking to enhance the look and feel of your home or business, then you should invest in an awning.  An awning is an effective way to protect your property from all of the elements.  A metal awning is a highly durable structure that will last for years to come.  Metal awnings come in several styles and types that will fit any property.  Here is a simple guide to metal awnings for your home or business.

Flat Metal Canopies

Flat metal canopies are often seen on the exterior of commercial buildings and can be customized to fit any structure.  When designing a flat metal canopy, you need to know the purpose of the structure. Do you want it to provide shade, protection from all the elements, or both?  Once you decide on the purpose of your awning, then you can begin to design it. Most high-quality flat metal canopies are fully assembled and then painted to seal all of the joints.

Unsupported Metal Canopies

This type of metal awning is often used for shade protection but can be customized to protect your home from the elements.  When looking to install an unsupported metal canopy onto your property, make sure that the surface is extremely strong. You want the building to be able to have a strong mounting surface since this type of metal canopy does not have arm supports.  Many unsupported metal canopies are limited on space and are therefore recommended to be a shade product.

Hybrid Fabric And Metal Awnings

If you want to provide your family and guests with maximum sun protection, then it is best if you choose to combine metal and fabric into a hybrid structure.  There is a wide range of fabrics that will add functionality and aesthetic appeal to your home. Vinyl and acrylic are common fabric materials for metal awnings.   The large variety of available fabrics gives you options for varying degrees of sun protection.

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