STAM® 6002L

STAM 6002L is a high-performance material for open-air habitats, eco-lodges, canopies, pergolas, small tents and lightweight tensioned structures. It’s high-tenacity polyester micro-yarn base cloth provides exceptional flexibility and strength, while ensuring maximum structural resistance to elongation and tearing. 100% waterproof, the PVDF finish ensures long-term resistance to UV radiation and dirt. Phthalate-free, GREENGUARD® certified, compliant with current REACH regulations and 100% recyclable through the Serge Ferrari Texyloop® operational recycling network. Available with an 8-year warranty on fixed framed awnings and canopies (static applications) and 5-years for tents, tensile structure and retractable awnings (non-static applications).

For fabric samples or product information, contact:

Bret Kelley

White / 6002L-20183

Grey / 6002L-20024

Black / 6002L-20007

Vanilla / 6002L-10387

Beige / 6002L-20191

Pepper / 6002L-2012

Burgundy / 6002L-20186

Taupe / 6002L-20165

Chocolate / 6002L-20204

Terracotta / 6002L-20185

Tennis Green / 6002L-20184

Spruce / 6002L-2156

Lagoon / 6002L-2160

Caribbean Blue / 6002L-50667

Navy / 6002L-20189