PreContraint® 502 Satin

Précontraint 502 Satin is an evolution of the classic version of Précontraint 502 that has been a staple in North America for awnings, canopies, shade sails and light structures for the last 25 years. The new product has all the same performance characteristic as its predecessor, including dimensional stability, excellent UV resistance, heat and weather protection, and color retention and strength for long-term aesthetics and durability. However, Précontraint 502 Satin offers two new added benefits – a more desirable satin finish, compared with the classic’s glossy finish, and a new PVDF topcoat on both sides for exceptional long-term dirt resistance. Available with a 10-year warranty on fixed framed awnings and canopies (static applications) and 5-years for tents, tensile structure and retractable awnings (non-static applications).

For fabric samples or product information, contact:

Jim Driggs

Velvet Red / 502V2-2152C

Automm / 502V2-2138C

Aluminium / 502V2-2168C

White / 502V2-8102C

Boulder / 502V2-2171C

Concrete / 502V2-2167C

Black / 502V2-8450C

Champagne / 502V2-8341C

Vanilla / 502V2-8861C

Hemp / 502V2-50265C

Sandy Beige / 502V2-2135C

Pepper / 502V2-2012C

Camel / 502V2-2141C

Cocoa / 502V2-2148C

Teak / 502V2-50669C

Walnut Stain / 502V2-2137C

Lemon / 502V2-50674C

Buttercup / 502V2-2166C

Dijon / 502V2-50671C

Orange / 502V2-8204C

Carrot / 502V2-2172C

Raspberry / 502V2-2150C

Poppy / 502V2-8255C

Terracotta / 502V2-20185C

Burgundy / 502V2-8284C

Aniseed / 502V2-2157C

Olive / 502V2-50668C

Moss Green / 502V2-2158C

Porcelain Green / 502V2-50670C

Tennis Green / 502V2-8056C

Spruce / 502V2-2156C

Celadon / 502V2-50675C

Steel Blue / 502V2-50676C

Lagoon / 502V2-2160C

Dark Blue / 502V2-50673C

Thistle Blue / 502V2-50270C

Celestial Blue / 502V2-50672C

Victoria Blue / 502V2-50677C

Midnight Blue / 502V2-2161C

Marine / 502V2-1125C