Four Reasons to Install an Awning in 2019

Installing a New Awning

Four Reasons to Install an Awning in 2019

If you’re looking for a unique and affordable way to upgrade the exterior of your home this year, adding awnings is a great option. Installing awnings to your home can offer a variety of benefits that go far beyond the fact that they look great. In fact, adding awnings can help decrease your home energy costs and improve the lifespan of many things within your home. Today we’ll take you through a few of the many advantages you can expect to enjoy.

Improve Aesthetics

One of the most direct benefits is that the exterior of your home gets an upgrade. Awnings increase curb appeal significantly and can help raise the perceived value of your home. When you work with a qualified professional, you can easily find an option that works perfectly with your home’s architecture and color palette.

Increases Efficiency

When your windows have a shade covering the interior, your home is more protected from both heat and cold. When you don’t have direct sunlight entering your interior room temperatures during the summer months will be lower. Likewise, in the winter, rain and wind will be kept away from the glass ensuring that less cold leaks in. This can help significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Add Living Space

While not all awnings will allow for more living space, there are some that will significantly add to your home’s living space. With the addition of a patio or deck awning, your outdoor spaces will be more useable in both hot and inclement weather. Awnings offer valuable shade and protection from light rain. If you add window awnings, you may be able to add smaller seating areas that are protected from wind and rain in other parts of your yard as well.

Decrease UV Rays

One of the many threats facing textiles, wood, and most colored surfaces is UV rays. Not only can they cause damage to your skin, but they cause many interior items to fade and become damaged due to the light and heat. Adding awnings to your home can help protect everyone and everything in your home from the harmful effect of the sun without blocking out too much natural light.

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