Awnings Versus Patio Umbrellas

Awnings Versus Patio Umbrellas

When spring and summer comes, it makes homeowners think about the best way to cool down their property and protect it from the elements. An awning or a patio umbrella both benefit any homeowner when it comes to protecting their patio. Family events such as cookouts and pool parties become better when there is a shade structure involved. But how do you choose between an awning or a patio umbrella? Keep reading for some tips that will help you decide what’s best for your property.

Elemental Protection

When it comes to wind, rain, and sun protection, both awnings and patio umbrellas do an excellent job of protecting your property. One consideration is that a patio umbrella typically provides more coverage and is versatile due to its portability. Retractable awnings, on the other hand, are convenient because when they’re not in use, all you have to do is roll them up. There are even remotes available so that your awning can retract with just the click of a button!


When it comes to choosing an awning versus a patio umbrella, you have to think about your family. If you have small children with a lot of energy, you may want to think about an awning. Awnings don’t have poles, nor are they in the way. You also want to think about the positioning of your backyard and whether it faces east or west. This factor could impact the choice of if an umbrella is better or worse for you. Having a pool party? An umbrella or canopy is ideal because both are portable and can cover large areas.

What Costs Less?

Patio umbrellas are typically cheaper than awnings. Retractable, architectural, and folding arm awnings are more expensive, but they do add a classic, aesthetic appeal to your home that you wouldn’t necessarily get with an umbrella. Installing one awning is super affordable, but if you need a lot of them installed, then you have to consider what fits into your budget.


Both awnings and patio umbrellas are highly durable, primarily when a high-quality company installs them. Both have the potential to last for quite a few years so long as you upkeep maintenance. A rule of thumb is to check the UV protection rating when choosing the material of your awning or patio umbrella. Both are winners here!

What Do You Choose?

An awning or patio umbrella is no more or less better than the other. What matters most is what you need precisely. On a budget? A patio umbrella might be best. Need to cover a large area? A patio umbrella might be best as well? Want to shade a small, specific area such as a door or window? Awnings work best for this purpose.

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