A Simple Guide To Awning Fabrics

A Simple Guide To Awning Fabrics

Here is a simple guide to awning fabrics.

Whether you are a home or business owner, an awning is an integral aspect of your property.  It is common for awnings to include a fabric cover, which serves  as the protective layer of the structure.  Awning fabric is designed to be highly durable and stand up well to all of the elements.  There are several types of awning fabrics to choose from for your outdoor structure.  Here are a few of the fabric types you need to be aware of:


When it comes to awning fabrics, vinyl is highly in-demand among business owners.  There are two types of vinyl fabrics that are manufactured; laminated and coated. Laminated vinyl fabrics are the standard and widely used fabric in the industry.  They are designed to be incredibly strong and waterproof. You will never have to worry about rain damaging your awning fabric. Coated vinyl fabrics are commonly used in commercial spaces due to their ability to apply graphics, including logos.  Coated vinyls are also very easy to maintain.


Another awning fabric option is acrylic, which is a highly breathable material, so hot air and water will not be trapped and damage the structure.  Acrylic is considered to be an upscale material and long-lasting. Many warranties for acrylic fabrics last over 10 years. Acrylic is an incredibly soft and beautiful material with a very wide variety of available prints and colors. Acrylic fabrics are ideal for customizing an awning to fit with any home.


Polyester-based fabrics are commonly used by businesses because many types are manufactured for backlighting signage.  Vinyl-laminated polyester fabrics are highly translucent so they are perfect for lighting a sign for your business. The material is UV ray resistant, as well as, resistant to mildew and water  Polyester fabric is available in a variety of colors and designs, so you can choose the perfect style for your business.

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