A Guide To Screens And Curtains For Your Home Or Business

A Guide To Screens And Curtains For Your Home Or Business

Become familiar with the different types of curtains.

There might come a time as a home or business owner when you need to invest in a protective system for your property.  If you already have an awning, then installing curtains would be a wise addition.  Fabric roll curtains come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so they are fully customizable.  If you are in the market for high-quality curtains, then discover a few of the common types that are popular among home and business owners.

Side Retention Screens

If you want a motorized system and keeps insects out, then you should look into side retention screens.  These retractable curtains provide a 100 percent bug- free barrier and block out the sun to provide some well-needed shade. You can add clear vinyl inserts to create a controllable climate that is both efficient and comfortable.  A side retention screen is perfect for any home that has a pool or a large patio.

Gear Driven System

If you want durable and long-lasting screens and curtains for your home, then you should look into a gear driven system.  They can be motorized or operated with a crank and consists of cables or tracks controlling fabric that is housed on a roller tube. The fabric and weight bar are held in place by a cable or track system,which guides the fabric during deployment and retrieval and ensures that the structure will stand up well against the elements.  This is a great screen system to consider for waterfront restaurants and homes so you will never have to worry about rain or high-speed winds damage.

Rope Pull Curtains

Rope pull curtains are largely used for commercial properties, such as restaurants, due to their simple design and affordable nature. The structures are simple to operate; all you have to do is use a rope attached to deploy or retrieve the curtains. You then place the rope on a single or double cleat system to lock it in place. Rope pull curtains are designed so that an individual can operate the structure easily.

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