3 Major Design Elements Of Fixed Awnings

3 Major Design Elements Of Fixed Awnings

If you want added protection from the elements while you are at home, then a fixed awning is a wise investment for any homeowner.  Fixed awnings are permanent structures that are usually comprised of a high-quality steel or aluminum  and often include a fabric cover.  When it comes to designing a fixed awning, manufacturers have to consider a wide range of design elements.  Discover a few of the major design elements of fixed awnings.

Discover a few of the design elements that go into creating a fixed awning.


Fixed awnings can be designed for a residential or commercial property, so not every structure has the same main function or purpose.  When choosing and designing an awning, you need to know the specific purpose because that will influence the rest of the design process.  Do you want to protect your home or business from all of the elements? Do you want it for aesthetic appeal or to draw attention to your business?  Will your awning include fans, lighting, or televisions?


An important design element of fixed awnings is the size of the entire structure.  The size of your fixed awning is determined by the amount of coverage desired. You also need to know the clearance from the ground to the bottom of your cover, as well as, the overall rise and column spacing.  The coverage of your fixed awning can vary from just a few square feet to several thousand square feet.

Configuration and Style

The overall design of a fixed awning is influenced by the configuration of the surrounding architectural structures on the property.  For restaurants and commercial buildings, fixed awnings often act as a billboard or sign at the front of the building. Graphics are displayed on the awning to show important information, such as the name of the business.  In addition to the configuration of the building, the color and style of your fixed awning influence the design process. There are a variety of colors and designs to choose from when looking for fabric covers.

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