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AwningResources was created to be the front line resource for quality awning products, contractors, supply and information.

First, lets get some information about the site out of the way.

What will we be doing to get the site out there?

AwningResources will be directly marketed to architects, contractors and property management companies nation wide. This will bring fellow professionals who are looking for information or awning contractors to the site. Coupled with SEO, social media and other strategies, AwningResources will be known as the leading resource for awning everything.

From targeted email blasts to SEO, keywords & meta tags to Tweets and blog postings – they will be driving quality visits and value for our advertisers and listed local contractors.

The sites market penetration will be tracked through reports generated by Google Analytics, which is a 3rd party statistic software.

Who should advertise on AwningResources?

If you are an awning industry professional, like a manufacturer, fabricator, supplier or service company, you should be listed somewhere within the site! There are many forms of advertising to fit your individual needs.

Custom Awning Manufacturers –AwningResources will drive traffic to your site through your contractor listing.

Here is how:

  1. When you subscribe, you list all of your information such as contact information, areas serviced and products offered.
  2. Once the profile is populated and saved, you will have just entered in criteria that can be searched by sites like Google,
    Yahoo and all the search engines.
  3. When someone searches for “Canvas Awnings in Miami Florida” (or your area), AwningResources will be listed in the organic area and your profile information will come up when clicked on.

The more contractors registered with AwningResources, the more relevant the site will be. The more relevant the site, the more popular the site will become with all of the search engines. The more popular the site is, the better your investment becomes! See the cycle!? Couple all of the above with other paid marketing strategies and BAM! –AwningResources!

Suppliers and other trade professionals –Did you read above? The best companies, the best information … enough said, right? If not, send us an email:

Fabric Manufacturers –You guys are special! You get to have your own page dedicated to nothing else but your fabric, called a “Fabric Listing”. On the general Awning Fabrics page ( is a list of different types of materials which will be broken down by type of fabric and their warranties.

The cost of a fabric listing is $100 per fabric for manufacturers. Suppliers can list proprietary fabrics only.

The premium, standard and discounted page rates are for a banner advertisement located on the right side of the page. The banner advertisements are page specific and exclusive so they do not rotate through advertisers. The footer advertisements are also page specific. The footer advertisement will not rotate through advertisers. For more information, email

Below are some examples of banner and footer advertisements.

Click for a Fabric listing page example.

The fine print:

~ To be listed as a fabric supplier on a fabric listing page, the company must sell the fabric and advertise on at least one page within the website.

~ Displayed suppliers of the fabric on the fabric listing page will be organized at random.

~ Fabric listings may only be placed by the fabric manufacturer OR the supplier with exclusive selling rights. If a supplier purchases a fabric listing for their exclusive fabric, they must advertise on at least one page within the website.

~ Banner advertisements are 100×600 and must be supplied by the advertiser. The file size should be 250kb or less.

~ Footer advertisements are 600×100 and must be supplied by the advertiser. The file size should be 250kb or less.

~ Fabric image thumbnails, logo, description, specifications and other fabric specific information shown on fabric listing page must be supplied by the manufacturer or supplier respectively.


Monthly Advertising Rates

Banner Ads – $200.00

Fabric Listings – $100

Contractor Listings – $30

These prices are special introductory pricing for 2019 so sign up now!

Read our full Terms & Conditions.